Cassidy Jennings

Cassidy Jennings

Position: Goalkeeper

Jersey Number: 32 - GK

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Major: AI And Decision Making

What do you want to pursue with your degree?: After college I’m hoping to use my technical background in computer science and AI to further social justice causes, like ensuring AI is being created and used ethically.

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Who inspires you and why?: My parents, because they have shown me what it means to work hard and pursue your passions.

Favorite soccer memory?: Hosting the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament at MIT!

Why did you choose Sioux Falls City FC?: I chose Sioux Falls City because I love playing soccer, especially when it enables me to support causes I’m passionate about like women’s empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, and social justice.


I started playing recreational soccer when I was really young, and I totally fell in love with the game. I always looked forward to practices and games, and I roped my friends and younger brother into playing pick-up soccer with me wherever I could find space. I started playing club soccer with Dakota Alliance Soccer Club (DASC) when I was 10, and I started devoting a lot more time to playing and practicing. I have a lot of fond memories playing for DASC, including winning Presidents Cup Nationals in 2019, spending time traveling to tournaments with my family, and becoming close with my teammates (including some current SFCFC players!). Last summer, I played for both DASC and SFCFC before heading off to play college soccer at MIT. I’m really excited to continue growing as a player and person this season with SFCFC!

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