Erin Flurey

Position: Midfielder/Forward

Jersey Number: 26

Hometown: Manchester, New Hampshire

Player Status:

School: Syracuse University

Major: Health and Exercise Science

What do you want to pursue with your degree?: I want to get my masters in public health and use that to go into epidemiology.

Erin Flurey

Who inspires you and why?: My parents because of the hard work they put in for my siblings and I to have the opportunities to do what we love and that inspires me to want to be the best person and player on the field for them.

Favorite soccer memory?: Scoring my first collegiate goal in my first college soccer game which was also my first game back from tearing my acl.

Why did you choose Sioux Falls City FC?: I chose Sioux Falls City because of the professional environment it exhibits and having the opportunity to meet so many new teammates from around all over.


Started soccer around 4 years old and was also doing any other sport you could think of and really took soccer seriously going into 8th grade. Started academy sophomore year of high school and committed to Syracuse a year later. Tore my acl my last club game, redshirted my freshman year and have played two seasons at Syracuse. Goals I have set for myself are to be a role model for my younger sister who is 8 and also to play professional soccer when I am done with college.

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