Megan Lampe

Megan Lampe

Position: Defender

Jersey Number: 4

Hometown: Groningen, the Netherlands

Player Status:

School: Hastings College

What do you want to pursue with your degree?: I want to do something with it within sports.

Megan Lampe

Who inspires you and why?: Definitely my family, they did so much for me so I could play soccer at a high level. Especially my mom working full time, taking care of me and my sister, and then also driving me around for soccer. This definitely inspires me to always give a 100% for each opportunity.

Favorite soccer memory?: My favorite soccer memory right now is definitely going to nationals in Alabama with my team.

Why did you choose Sioux Falls City FC?: Sioux Falls City is a very competitive team and is definitely going to help me to make me a better player. This team is going to open doors for me that without them would never be opened. I also had a great chat with the coach and I feel like this is the right place for me.


I started soccer when I was 4 years old. From then till I was 14 I played for my club VEV’67 with the boys. After that I went to SC Heerenveen and I played 2 seasons there. Then I went for 2 seasons to ACV Assen and then I came to Hastings Nebraska. My biggest goal since the start is that I want to make it pro. My smaller goals are that I want to keep developing as a player with skills like speed and defending but also mentally.

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