Morgan Rhodes

Position: Defender/Forward

Jersey Number: 30

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Player Status:

Instagram Handle


School: Wayne State College

Major: Double major in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising

What do you want to pursue with your degree?: I would like to pursue entrepreneurship or fashion marketing.

Who inspires you and why?: Kobe is my inspiration because of his mentality and dedication to the game. I use his mindset and advice to strive for better every day.

Favorite soccer memory?: Winning state with my high school soccer team and running into the goalpost trying to get a header in college.

Why did you choose Sioux Falls City FC?: I chose Sioux Falls City because of the pre professional aspects. And they care about setting you up for success in the long run.


I have been in love with soccer since I was younger and am living my childhood dreams of playing college soccer (and potentially pro). My goals in this life include obtaining success and happiness in all aspects of my life.

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